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ADIL: Travellers’ Fiqh (21 Oct)

Holiday season is coming soon and many of us love to travel. As Muslims, it is essential for us to know how to perform our religious obligations whenever we travel. Beyond the issues of praying, this course will also share information on dietary rulings, such as tips on finding food that is permissible for Muslims to consume while they are in countries with few or almost no halal-certified eating establishments. This course will equip you with the relevant knowledge so that you can still explore the world and witness Allah’s creations, while still holding firmly on your faith as Muslims.

Topics include:

– Finding direction of Qiblat while on moving transport

– How to pray while travelling?- How to pray while travelling? (on bus, train, plane, etc)

– Ways in determining the time of prayer

– Understanding Jama’ & Qasar- Understanding Jama’ & Qasar (combining and shortening prayer)

– Basic dietary guidelines- Basic dietary guidelines (What to eat if there is no halal food?)

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