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The children develop communication skills through various activities, which help children converse in English and Mother Tongue (Malay).  The children are developed in literacy through theme discussion, story-telling, vocabulary building, creative writing through pictorial drawings and language experience approach (LEA). Phonics system is used to introduce the sound of letters which helps children to recognize words.


Children are introduced to counting, patterning, and sequencing using concrete materials through hands-on activities. The basic numeracy skills are used for addition and subtraction concepts.  Children develop to possess intuitive insights about mathematical ideas through a variety of activities. Children will understand the mathematical concepts and skills through language – to describe mathematical ideas and relationships.


Science for young children allows them to explore, manipulate materials, ask questions, discovers cause and effect.  Hands-on science in early childhood program helps to develop reasoning and understanding, cultivate their sense of wonder and curiosity, investigating and experimenting science.


Outdoor Play
Outdoor play is an important activity for all children.  Children develop gross motor skills through activities such as running, jumping, skipping, climbing, throwing, catching, crawling and etc.


Music & Movement
Children will gain an appreciation of music through singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments. The musical activities give our children many opportunities to explore rhythm, tune and beat through musical instruments.


Art & Craft
The Art & Craft allows children to apply their knowledge into different medium.  These art activities would enhance children’s creativity and imaginative while exploring using various art medium and materials.


Children’s education would not be complete without moral values included in the program. Early childhood years are the beginning of formal education. It must prepare our children to be a responsible child with positive thinking in mind. Through moral stories, they learn to apply these values into their daily lives throughout their lives.

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