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(FULL) Free Iqra’ Introductory Course

Update: Fully subscribed, registration closed

IQRA’, which means READ, is the first word of the revelation. Before you are able to read Al-Quran fluently with proper Tajweed, you must first recognize the Arabic letters, from Alif to Ya’. If you would like to embark on a journey to learn the Al-Quran, this course is for you. This 3 hour course introduces students to the basic knowledge in learning Al-Quran. From learning the 28 Arabic letters, to reading and pronouncing them phonetically as letters and words. On a basic level, students will be taught on how to recognize the points of articulation and know the general characteristics of the letters. This course is open to the first 40 participants aged 18 and above. It is suitable for those who are truly beginners and do not know how to read the Al-Quran.

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