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Tahsin: Juz Amma (Starting 6 Oct)

Do you belong to any of these?

– You have completed reading Iqra’ books and would like to start reading the Al-Quran

– You are not confident to read the Al-Quran as you have that fear of making mistakes

– You would like to improve your Juz Amma recitation as you always recite certain Surahs in your solat

Juz Amma contains 37 unique Surahs with different lengths. Some Surahs are commonly recited during prayers. If you would like to develop your Quranic recitation skills and improve your recitation in your daily solat, this course is for you. Every week, participants will take turn to recite a Surah, verse by verse. This way, students will learn from each other’s recitation and benefit from it. In addition, participants will also understand the general content of selected Surah. At the end of the course, students are expected to have confidence in reciting the remaining Juz of the Al-Quran.

If interested, please register at

Requirement: Participants must be able to read the Al-Quran

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